What's in-home dog sitting?
In-home dog sitting encompasses a list of services that we provide for any need you have for your dogs while you're out of town, at work or just running errands. We have dog walking, dog sitting, and dog taxi services and more coming soon. Contact Short Paws, your local small breed dog provider for a full list of services.

What makes Short Paws different than other dog walking and dog sitting services?
We have over 20 years experience and knowledge with many different small breeds. We are establishing a brand that people will trust. We offer a free in-home consultation to fully understand your dog's individual needs.

Where do we walk the dogs?
We will walk your dogs anywhere that you normally walk them. We can just stick to the immediate neighborhood or another area if that's what you prefer. We like to keep the routine for your dog as close to what you do so we are consistent with what he or she expects on a walk. We do also offer to walk your dog at and around our location for those dropping their dogs off.

Can I meet my Short Paws dog walker before the walker starts?
Absolutely, we offer free consultations so you feel comfortable and your dog does also.

Are off-leash dog walks or exercise activities available?
All walks are on-leash, unless you specifically request otherwise. Any off-leash activities are provided exclusively at the owner's risk and only available at our location in our yard.

How do I schedule a Taxi service and can I book service the day I need service?
A pick-up or drop-off is requested through either an email or phone call to Short Paws at 702-463-4071. Request at a minimum of 1 day prior to the needed taxi service date. Within just a few short hours of the scheduling request, a confirmation email or call will be made to you. Times and days do become booked so it is better to plan out in advance.

Are we insured and licensed?
Yes. We are completely insured by Pet Sitters Associates and licensed by the city, county, and state of Nevada. Short Paws takes great pride in the protection of your best friends.