Five Great Reasons to Hire a Professional Dog Walker
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 How much exercise do you think your dog needs?
The best way to make sure that your pooch gets enough exercise is to give them a structured routine of walks, but for many of us, who work full-time, have kids and other responsibilities, it can be tough giving the dog walking the time, care and attention it needs.  Sure, weekends aren’t a problem, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.  If your dog is not conditioned well enough to do a rigorous weekend workout because they have not been used to regular, frequent exercise, this sudden onset of action could create joint damage, and in some cases cause injuries as well. 
Hiring a dog walker is fast becoming a popular choice for many, loving pet owners.  There are many reasons why people choose to hire a professional dog walker, here are just a few:

Save Time

If you hire a professional dog walker, your dog can be taken for a walk while you are at work.  Essentially, you are getting something crossed off your to-do list, giving you more time to relax at home, do chores, or play Frisbee with the dog in the garden. When you return home from work, your dog will be mellowed out and fully exercised.

Not Guilty!

By hiring a professional dog walker, you can avoid the awful guilt that comes with having to leave your dog at home all day.  When you total up the hours you spend out of the house, just over a week, it’s a pretty significant number.  Your dog probably spends most of that time bored and let’s face it, wouldn’t you be a little frustrated too? A dog walker will be break up the day, giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your loved one has been taken out for some brisk exercise during the day. 

Mental & Physical Health

Did you know that a lot of behavioral problems with dogs can actually arise due to a lack of mental, and physical stimulation? It’s true.  For dogs, being mentally stimulated is just as exhausting as actual exercise.  Your dog needs frequent opportunities to play and elevate their heart rate, this helps to avoid arthritis and other conditions which can arise.  By going for a walk, both boxes are firmly filled. 

You’re in Safe Hands

Many people who become professional dog walkers do it out of a profound love for pets.  After all, scooping up poop is not a glamorous job, and a dog walker is never really going to get rich from this type of career choice.  Your dog will build a rapport with a person who genuinely cares about them will make sure your dog is as safe as possible.

Social and After Work Activities

There are many occasions which arise that mean you might get home late, after work drinks, kids clubs and so on.  Now, you normally may pass these offers up so that you can get home and take your dog for a walk, or just get back because you know your dog has been alone a day, sound familiar?  Hiring a professional dog walker means you have the freedom, and the flexibility to attend these social occasions, without having to worry about getting back to walk your dog. 
At short paws, we don’t just provide a dog walking service, that’s our minimum level of service for our pet owners.  We also offer pet sitting, and pet taxi services too.  It is our goal to help you and to help your pet to be the best you possibly can.  We are also a member of the Pet Sitters Associates which gives you that extra assurance that we know what we are doing, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, your dog is in safe hands.

Some photos from the dog park here in Las Vegas.

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